End The Stigma: Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Project

I am fundraising for a cause close to my heart, to bring a lasting change in the lives of the underprivileged. To help me create more impact and touch more lives, I need your support and contribution. Please back my fundraiser so that together we can build a better India for all of us.
Raised : $700 Goal : $850

Only you can help aspiring singer Ananya beat cancer for the second

The mellifluous voice of 17-year-old Ananya (last name) singing Bekhayali drifts through the cancer ward of Jaslok Hospital. It was only 3 months ago that Ananya beat cancer after a one-year battle and went home. She is now back in the hospital, yet again. Ananya’s cancer has relapsed.
Raised : $800 Goal : $850

Help critically ill 4-year-old Atharv fight Dengue. Donate now

Mumma, it is ok if we don’t have money for the treatment. Let’s go home,” says little Atharv to his poor mother who is unable to do anything to help her son get healthy. 4.5-year-old Atharv has Dengue and needs to be on ventilator support, get regular blood transfusions and medicines to get better. But his security-guard father is unable to afford the treatment worth Rs 10-12 lakhs with his meager salary of Rs 13-14000 per month. With your contribution, this family can have a fair shot at saving their only child’s life.
Raised : $600 Goal : $950

Help Chandra save third son from rare heart disease that killed her first

The first time I noticed it, it sent shivers down my spine. I prayed hard but my deepest fears came true... my 12-year-old son was showing similar symptoms of the disease that once took away the life of my first two children. Now, it has come back to take away my only child left and I’m running helplessly... pillar to post to save him from the clutches of death,” says Chandra, Ramajayam’s mother.
Raised : $600 Goal : $1,000

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